Larry McMillan’s New Option Strategy Course 4Disc Trading DVD


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Format: DVD, Live

Language: English

Number of discs: 4

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Publish Date : 2/28/2007

Run Time: 300 minutes

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This updated course on options strategies brings to life one of the most respected and highly sought after educators in the industry. Rarely will you find a standalone course that delivers strategies this powerful. It’s an exceptional look at methods developed from years of trading experience – all bundled together in a six-hour workshop.

Updated with current examples and applications and almost 200 new pages in the manual, this bestselling options course is now more powerful than ever.

The money-making tactics you’ll learn make this the most important investment you make in your trading future. With Larry McMillan’s NEW Option Strategies Course you get:

  • Over 6 hours of presentation from one of the most respected authorities in options.
  • An 278 page manual that includes Larry’s own option strategies
  • Detailed insight on using the VIX to predict explosive buy signals.
  • Tactics to hedge against risk in your stock portfolio using volatility futures
  • Money management strategies that allow you to dial in on the optimal trade size
  • Proven tips on how to protect your account from the costly impact mistakes

Plus the trading wisdom of a legend on strategies and techniques like:

-Speculative Buying

-Covered Calls

-Straddle Buying

-Calendar Spread

-Naked Options

-Credit Spreads



Every option floor trader that ever sets foot in the pit is told to read Larry McMillan’s books. Most of the presenters and options educators around today have learned from Larry and respect him as one of the top authorities on options trading.

If you want to learn proven, winning, rock solid options strategies… look no further. Now both novices and experts alike can take their trading knowledge to new levels from the comfort of their own homes – at their convenience – with Larry McMillan’s New Option Strategies Course!

Table of Contents:

You’ll get complete coverage of:


Futures Terms

Index Options

Options Tools

Option Modeling and Modeling Software

Option Order Execution

Options as a Contrary Indicator

Using the Volatility Index

Implied Volatility Buy Signal

Using the VIX as a precursor to an explosive move

New Volatility Products

Futures on the VIX

Futures on Variance

Options on VIX

Hedging a Stock Portfolio with the New Volatility Futures

Put-Call Ratios

Contrary Theory

Standard Put-Call Ratio

Equity-only Put-Call Ratio

Weighted Put-Call Ratio



Other Major Index Ratios Worth Following

Implementing Equity-Only Signals

What Option Do You Buy?

Trailing Stops

Stock Option Put-Call Ratios

Sector Put-Call Ratios

Futures Option Put-Call Ratios

Options as a Direct Indicator

Option Volume

Option Volatility

Implied Volatility

Momentum Trading

Up-Down Volume

Breakdown and Heavy Put Volume

In-Money Puts


Speculative Approach

Volatility-based Approach

How to Decide if Volatility is Out of Line?

How to Capitalize When Volatility is Out of Line?

The Concept of Expected Return

Evaluating Spreads

Expected Return Myths

Determining Trade Size

Risk Management


The Kelly Criterion

Strategies: Techniques and Applications

-Speculative Buying

-Covered Calls

-Straddle Buying

-Calendar Spread

-Naked Options

-Credit Spreads