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Kenrick Cleveland – Checkmate Monthly
  • Kenrick Cleveland – Checkmate Monthly

Kenrick Cleveland – Checkmate Monthly

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Kenrick Cleveland – Checkmate Monthly

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Future Master Influencer,

Would you like to bend the minds of your listeners… driving them to act on your words by…
…knowing the most powerful strategies to WIN almost any conversation (Yes, there are some exceptions)…

  • at work… when selling your products, services or ideas
  • at home… when in a heated debate with your spouse
  • in a social setting… when discussing current events with your peers

Imagine… being able to confidently enter any conversation knowing you can shift your audience’s train of through to your way of thinking and…
Never worry again about the next words that leave your opponent’s mouth  – fearing you won’t have the right answer.
It’s no secret that some people have a way with words. They seem to always get what they ask for.  They are able to influence the minds of their listeners and come out the on top.
Maybe you know someone like this… or have had a conversation with someone where you began thinking one way and by the end… your viewpoint did a 180.
Chances are you probably didn’t even give it a second’s thought.
When you become someone trained in these strategies, you are a shaper of minds, a creator of other people’s reality.
In fact, this is so power that the great Philosopher Plato said…

“…_____is the art of ruling the minds of men.”

Now… I’m sure you might be wondering what that is.
I know, I would be. Because when you have the ability to rule people’s minds… well… anything is possible.

  • You can… have people handing over money to buy your product or service like it’s last call.
  • You can… change people’s mind to see things your way like you’re performing a magic trick.
  • You can… become the go-to person that gets things done like a genie granting wishes.

When you really start to think about it… there is no more important single skill-set that you can posses if you are the type of person who wants…


You see…
When Plato said “this” was the art of ruling the minds of men… he wasn’t speaking in a positive light.
Far from it.
He considered this art form evil…
And did everything in his power to stop people from using it. He even wrote a book condemning those people who practiced this art form.
Plato was a seeker of truth.
And let’s face it… by its very nature… having the power to mold people’s thoughts to your own… has the vast potential for abuse by its practitioners since they can replace one “Truth” for their own.
Even today, this art form is often seen in a negative light.
Well, I’m here to change that by…
Showing you that when you discover these strategies you will have the ability to…
…out think your opponent during any interaction…
..know exactly what to say and when to say it to turn around any conversation in your favor…
…and present your messages so your listeners can easily accept them as your own.
To put it simply…

You will WIN!

Win the sale. Win the argument. Win the job.

Win. Win. Win

Hey, this is Kenrick Cleveland… and for the last 4 decades, I have dedicated my life to the study and creation of Persuasion and Influence skills and strategies  – that move people to YES – what I now call Yes Strategies.
My obsession with the power of words to receive YESes started at an early age.
When I was in my early twenties, I was struggling to make a living selling gym memberships. I read every book on sales. I attended every seminar I could. But I still felt there must be a better way…
Everything that was being taught was based on force and not finesse.
And I found that better way when I was introduced to NLP and Hypnosis. I discovered how much power words hold – how the can make people agree with you.
There was no need to box people into a corner to get a YES. You could target your messages to a person’s unconscious (values, beliefs and emotions) and people would automatically want to comply with you.
During that time, I studied with the founders of NLP and became one of the earliest trainers under Richard Bandler.

I became well known for my ability to teach others how to sell their products, services or ideas based on the skills and strategies I developed – using my background in NLP and Hypnosis
And for the last 30+ years, I have been doing just that…
Training tens of thousands of people (in almost every industry imaginable) how to tap into the unconscious minds of their listeners to move them to YES – resulting in 100s of millions of dollars of additional sales for myself and my clients.

But it wasn’t until recently that I realized…
Something so important it shook the foundations of everything I thought I knew about moving people toward YES. Something that was always right in front of my face, but I just wasn’t able to see it.
And it goes back to what Plato said was the art of ruling the minds of men
That something is   —>  Rhetoric. 
I don’t blame you if you see the word Rhetoric and it turns you off. It used to for me too. It made me think things like: boring, puffed up politics, Ancient Greece, logic and long speeches.
In fact, over the years I tried to take a few courses on it and I just couldn’t see the value when it came to everyday persuasion.
Truth be told…
I was actually blinded by my own way of thinking. I thought the skills and strategies that I was developing and teaching… with their foundation in hypnotic language patterns and NLP… were the only thing needed to move people to YES. I was…

100% WRONG and

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that when it comes to influencing others I was handicapping myself and my clients… like working with both hands tied behind my back. When in reality, I didn’t need to…
…Especially after I had my big AH-HA that would forever change the way I think about Influencing others.
Which was…
It wasn’t that the strategies being taught in the courses on Rhetoric were useless. It was the way they were being taught and applied that was wrong!
Once I realized that….

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Let me take a step back for a second so I can clear something up for you.
Because… as I said earlier… the term Rhetoric has gotten a bad rap. And it’s mostly because people don’t know what it actually means.. Or they were once forced to take a class on it… and as I just mentioned before… it was taught completely wrong, limiting its power and rendering it mostly useless – when it comes to influencing people in everyday contexts.
The way that Aristotle defines Rhetoric is…

That’s a definition I can get behind. I’m sure you can too.
Now, I don’t want to get into a History Lesson on Rhetoric, what I do want you to understand is…
Why when you discover the ancient art of Rhetoric inside our new program, Checkmate Monthly, it will provide you…

The Ultimate Edge
For Receiving YESes

First, it will rectify one of the most important aspects of Persuasion and Influence that has been neglected in the past: how to begin your conversations in a way that provides you with the best odds for changing minds.
In the past, it was basically a crap shoot. A roll of the dice. And based on the response you would receive, you would do your best to maneuver to get the YES.
Now with Checkmate Monthly, you will discover how to strategically put your best foot forward… allowing you to always start off in a position where you have leverage, choices and opportunities… no more locked doors that you need to bust through.
Second, most people fly by the seat of their pants… putting out a point of view that is not even conscious to them – based on their own emotions and beliefs. This often leads to frustration and anger when you butt heads with your opponent because you are only able to analyze the interaction from a position of emotion and NOT strategy.
Now, you’ll have the resources and tools to examine, deconstruct and then reconstruct your own way of thinking so you’ll have complete flexibility during any interaction.
Third, most people (including myself) rely on just one main strategy and a bunch of different tools that work inside that strategy to maneuver people to YES.
Inside Checkmate Monthly, you’ll realize the breadth of available strategies that will be at your disposal that work perfectly in-conjunction with everything you have studied with me so far. Or that will work brilliantly on their own.
And that’s just the start.
Because when you sign-up today, you’ll receive immediate access to…

Edition #1 Checkmate Monthly

Here are a few things you’ll discover inside the first edition…

  • Why asking yourself these simple questions before entering any important conversation will automatically set you on the path to receiving a YES.
  • How NOT to spoil friendships or opportunities when you find yourself disagreeing on a subject.
  • Why you must stay in-control over your emotions to WIN. And the easiest way to do it. This gives you back your power by grounding yourself during heated interactions.
  • The 5 most important aspects when creating a powerful frame (Point of View) around your messages. This is foundational for being able to win the hearts and minds of your listeners with ease.
  • The 3 different types of “appeals” you should be armed with at all times – so you won’t get trapped inside the viewpoints of your opponent.  You’ll be provided  with a detailed breakdown on how the candidates used this during the Presidential election. *We’ll also be adding more and more breakdowns of interactions over time for you to learn from.
  • The #1 Rule you must follow when it comes to frames – so you’re not forced to argue points from a severe disadvantage.

TO SUM IT UP:  Checkmate monthly provides you with additional mechanisms to construct your messages effectively. How to hear what your opponents are doing such that the holes become giant portals you can move through at will instead of being a message that destroys them without even another thought. And then be able to reconstruct your opponent’s messages covertly so that they automatically line up with your way of thinking.

Yes, it’s that powerful!

Checkmate Monthly Includes:

Audio Module ($59 value) that advances your ability to wield rhetorical devices in combination with all the skills and strategies you have learned so far – allowing you to conquer any conversation. You’ll discover how to identify these patterns, wield them and defend against them.
Neuro Imprinting Session™ ($39 value) to cement these new skills and strategies into your unconscious. If you have bought any of our recent programs, you know the advancements I have made with this technology. These sessions are a labor of love and can take upwards of 50+ hours to create.
If you are not already familiar with our Neuro Imprinting Sessions™, they use the latest advances in Brain wave entrainment (plus, several other proven technologies) to accelerate learning.

Transcript, Workbook, Examples, Quiz + More ($49) to guide you in applying your new skill-set towards getting YESes in any context or conversation.
That’s over a $147 value each and every month.
But we have more for you…
Because you won’t receive just one edition a month… you will receive…
TWO Editions of Checkmate Monthly (including Neuro Imprinting Session™, transcripts, workbooks , etc…)
That’s over a $190 value.
But when you order Checkmate Monthly today, we will also slash the monthly fee… So you will lock in your monthly rate at not $97 but… ONLY $69 (for a limited time).
That’s an additional 30% savings when you click the button below, right now, and sign-up for Checkmate Monthly.

Special Earth Day Bonus ($375 Value)

So, we are also throwing in the recordings of our last MaxPersuasion Live Event… where you will receive all 17+ hours of recordings from the event. Participants who attended the event live paid over $1,500 to – and when we make this available for purchase to our members it ranges from $375 – $497.
You will instantly receive all 3 days of audio recordings, transcripts and workbooks – when you signup today!
After you listen and…  absorb this material…  you will be part of an elite group of persuaders that have the power to influence at will. And not just the affluent.
This seminar was so powerful that Jay Abraham said… “Mr. Cleveland holds the key to sales success undreamed of by most sales people”.
Here is the thing…
One of the greatest things about this seminar was the live participation. It allowed me to show sophisticated strategies and real life situations that you simply won’t want to miss.
Even if you have own everyone one of my other programs, you’ll still find a goldmine of information from the live interactions with the participants like…

  • The secret to instantly gaining rapport with over 95% of people you meet. Forget having to match and mirror for minutes. – with this you’ll gain rapport in seconds.
  • Want to Triple your YESes (or more)? Discover this ten step process for persuading the affluent – or anybody else.
  • The one thing that will bypass the conscious mind causing your messages to instantly sink into the subconscious – you’ve been using this technique all your life and haven’t been to taking advantage of it.
  • Discover your own “Hero’s Journey” and how to use it outside the box office  as a powerful persuasion weapon for receiving YESes on command.
  • What is “criteria”? And how utilizing it will boost all your persuasion abilities? Mastering this one simple technique will quickly place you on the fast track.
  • How to reshape someone’s beliefs  – so that your messages synchronize with your listener’s view of the world.
  • Your listener 5 deepest genetic drivers which you must tap into to if you want to receive YESes.
  • The 4 steps for eliciting and leveraging emotional states (…and which ones you should be using to move people in the direction you want them to go).
  • The 18 most powerful words in persuasion. And how to use them effortlessly in your language to bypass all resistance.
  • The power of presuppositional language explained in a way that will allow you to use it instantly for controlling the minds’ of others.
  • And So Much More…

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