Joseph Riggio – Hacking Perception – The Series

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Joseph Riggio – Hacking Perception – The Series

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Discover how the way you perceive the world around you determines the life you are living and what you can do about it…


Here’s the low down …

You get what you take action on based on the quality of the action you take. 


In this webcast series I’ll be presenting some of the latest findings from neurocognitive science about how we perceive and make sense of the world through our seven senses … that’s right seven NOT five senses … seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, proprioception and balance.

In each webcast we’ll explore the range and impact of each sense (with the exception of smelling and tasting, which we’ll cover in one combined webcast). We’ll consider how each sense is organized, how it functions neurocognitively, how you perceive your experiences through that sense, what you can do to enhance your sensory experience in each of your seven senses and why that will dramatically impact the quality of your life and the results you’re able to achieve … or fail to achieve.

A Complete Six Month Training Program:

Each month, over a full six months we’ll cover a sense in that kind of detail. You’ll learn how the sense works and why it works that way. Then you’ll learn how you are personally using the sense and the strengths and limits of using it that way. We’ll cover specific ways you can enhance your sensory acuity and the sensations you’re able to notice and act upon.

We’ll cover seeing, feeling, smelling & tasting, proprioception and balance in order … one per month. You’ll be adding in the skill of sensory acuity of the course of the next six months at a masterful level, each month’s input building on the last, and by the end of the program you’ll be attending to the world like sensory ninja, noticing things that the average person doesn’t even know exist.

You’ll be able to make distinctions in each sense that will enhance you experience whether it’s in listening to the sound of virtuoso musical performance or simply note the tonal range of the person you’re speaking to and when they are at the edges of it to determine where they are in the conversation emotionally and when they break their normal patterns … and what that means when they do. Or seeing the color changes in your lover’s cheeks when they are deeply touched by something you say or do to them. Maybe you’ll be more impressed when you can identify the distinction between an old world and a new world wine on the first sip, or even before that. You’ll find that the quality and range of your perception will be forever altered when you participate in the full Hacking Perception series.

Our First Month Together …

Sound & Hearing:

We’ll be starting with sound and hearing. By the end of the first webcast you’ll notice that you’ve begun to pick up subtitles in sound that you hadn’t noticed before … and that’s the magic of this program. You already have the hardware and what we’re doing is refining the way you use it with virtually immediate effect and impact.

Imagine for instance hearing with the precision of an orchestral conductor … each instrument heard as a distinct and unique sound in the flow of the symphony, with the ability to pick out the instruments that are in tune as well as those that are not, and to hear the relationships … like harmonies and harmonics, between the various instruments.

Then go further and imagine hearing the sound of the human voice in that way, with each inflection available to you as well as the relationships between tonal inflections as people are engaged in conversation, or argument. You’ll be able to pick up with precision what the tonal implications are of how people sound with regard to their emotions, their intention and the truthfulness of their statements, and when that’s missing too.

What Follows Over The Next Five Months …

Sight and Seeing:  

You’ll begin seeing the world as though you’ve never seen it before, making distinctions about movement for instance that had escaped you to the point of being non-existent for you. You’ll literally learn to flow with movement around your because you’ll see it where it had been invisible before and on top of that the colors and textures of the things you view will become vibrant in ways that normally only renown artists attend to when painting their master pieces.

Feeling and Touch:

The world of feeling will open up to you on the outside as well as on the inside. You’ll begin using your own body as an instrument to determine the quality of the experience your having, as well as the experience others are having with you. By tracking your own internal feelings you’ll begin to understand how highly trained special agents can determine when people are at ease, uncomfortable, lying or intending harm. You’ll literally feel differently as a result … and they way you experience feelings will be different too, with a level of control you probably think is impossible today. You’ll begin doing things like noticing from touch the quality of the fabric you or someone else is wearing, almost to the level of the thread count if you want to develop your skills to that level. And, you’ll find that you begin using your body in ways that you probably haven’t since you were a young child.

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Smell and Taste:

When we move onto the senses of smelling and tasting you’ll be ready from the time we’ve spent developing your senses of sight, hearing and feeling to experience the world changing effect of enhancing these two sense as well. While you might not recognize it today, your sense of smell and taste influence almost every experience and encounter you have in the world around you. Your ability to appreciate a fine wine is determined by both your ability to smell the details as well as tasting them. The same thing is true of a great meal, or something as simple as biting into a ripe apple (which will already be different for you after we spend three months exploring sound, sight and touch). But where things will really open up for you will be when you become aware of the virtually imperceptible changes in the smell of the people you know as they move through various emotional states … those sayings about the sweetness and sourness of emotions is more literal than you imagine today. We’ll cover how you can develop this kind of sensitivity and being enjoying your world and the people in it in ways that only a minute percentage of the planet ever know about, but you will be among them.

Proprioception and Movement:

Of course you don’t live in a single position and the ability to move through the world gracefully and with confidence is a uniquely powerful skill. This is what the art of proprioception is all about. We’ll explore how you know your own body first … all it’s parts and how they work together to create the experience you have of being alive and in the world. Then we’ll begin developing your ability to take control of the subtle ways you use yourself and notice the world around you as a dynamic experience. You’ll begin noticing the sense of when someone is approaching you, even when you’re not looking, and your relationship to objects and people will change significantly when you realize how moving from a three dimensional experience of space to a four dimensional experience changes things for you. By the end of this particular webcast you’ll be able to motivate yourself and others with a word or two properly timed and spoken, as well as reset your whole sense of being in an instant if and when you need or want to as well.

Balance … The Capstone:

This will be the final module in the Hacking Perception program, in part it’s so essential to all the others. We’ve probably all heard the expression, “I need to regain my balance” or alternatively, “I have no balance in my life.” while there’s a metaphorical quality to those comments, there’s also a very real sensation of being in or out of balance too. We feel in or out of balance in a general way and specifically about decisions we’re making or about our relationships with others. We can get stuck and become unable to move when we are “out of balance” or ready to take action at a moment’s notice when we are “in balance” with ourselves and in the world. Knowing how to shift your balance can even help you to get things done faster … or avoid doing things that you should be doing at all. This will be a life changing module to cap off a tremendous six month program.

How We’ll Work Together For The Next Six Months:

We’ll be making this real of course, as I do in all of my webcasts … not some dry scientific theories about perception, but real information you can use and apply to get more of what you want and deserve in your life, almost from the first moment you hear it.

You leave each of the two hour webcasts with me understanding how and why people choose to limit the information they are sensitive to receiving and how you can open up your perceptual filters to get more of the information that’s there. This is critical if you want to begin making better decisions and taking more effective action.

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This is the same kind of training that military, law enforcement and intelligence elite special operatives receive … THINK: Jason Bourne

Why is this important to you??? 
Simple … because you want to be able to be more effective at taking control of the situations you find yourself in and create more of the kinds of outcomes you desire. 
We’ll go through how you were initially imprinted to perceive the world the way you do … the early structure of perceptual conditioning, perceptual plasticity and advanced perceptual development.
Then we’ll cover how you can notice for the limits of your current perceptual paradigm, and how that influences what you perceive and believe (yes, they go together like a hand in glove).
Finally we’ll spend the remaining time on the webcast unpacking what you can do about how you limit your perception today, how to expand what you notice for, how to improve your memory for what you perceive instantly, and how to use your new powers of perception to improve the quality of your life and get more of what you want and deserve … starting now.

Once you have this new information about perception you’ll never notice the world in the same way … or find yourself missing out from what is rightfully yours to experience ever again!

I know it’s going to sound like hyperbole … but with your new powers of perception you’ll open up the gates of performance at a level that you’ve maybe only dreamed about accessing … and instead of dreaming you’ll be delivering on the promise of your full potential, maybe for the first time ever.
(P.S.: If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if you are living the life you are capable of having, feeling like you’ve somehow been stifled and limited in expressing yourself and your full potential, it’s very possible the reason is that your perceptual filters are distorted and stopping you from being at your best. This may be the remedy you’ve been searching and hoping for your entire life.)

Get Joseph Riggio – Hacking Perception – The Series on bestoftrader.com

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