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Jason Capital – Attraction God


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Jason Capital – Attraction God

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The Good
Simplifies the topic of attraction and makes it easy to digest. Has a good combination of mindsets as well as techniques. Focuses on the long-term picture of becoming an attractive man.
The Bad
Price is pretty expensive. Doesn’t contain much new information.
The Bottom Line
This product aims to teach you how to be the guy that is naturally attractive to women. The focus is more on working to develop yourself as a man than learning bunch of scripted lines or routines. There is a section that is all about techniques and methods, but this will work better when you’ve got a handle on the other stuff Jason teaches here.It’s meant for guys who have already read Jason’s beginner’s course, Make Women Want You, so check that out first. There’s not really a lot of new ideas or information here, but the whole product is well organized and presented and gives you a clear idea of what you need to do and work on to become a more attractive man. Worth checking out if you are at an intermediate level and don’t mind the hefty price tag.The Attraction God System is a video seminar given by Jason Capital that consists of seven core modules and some bonuses. The way the product is presented is very similar to another of his products, Social God System, where he makes notes on a whiteboard and asks you to pause the video periodically to complete different exercises.