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James Renouf – Video Ads Hacked


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James Renouf – Video Ads Hacked

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James Renouf and Brian Gonzalez Here,


We made this page in a 90’s style on purpose.
The 1990’s represented a new era of the internet.
An era where the average Joe could easily have their own site.

The door was wide open and you began to see an explosion of personal websites pop up across the globe… most of them were downright ugly (much like this page).

But no matter how ugly their websites, or experience in making them, there was HUGE opportunity and a ridiculous amount of money was being made.

What if you could go back to the early 90’s again with all that you know now?

Would you buy some Amazon stock?
Buy some domain names that you could flip for millions?

What if I told you that there is opportunity right now just like in the 90’s?

People are going to look back at this time and say “Man I wish I had jumped on Video Advertising when it was like shooting fish in a barrel.”

That is the situation we have right now.

Let me be crystal clear.
There is nothing old or rehashed about this product.

This is working like gangbusters right now in a category that 99% of people know exist and see every day but are not using for themselves.

We are going to break that cycle for you right now.

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First of all you might be saying to yourself who the heck is Brian Gonzalez?

You might be saying who Is James Renouf for that matter.

I’m a guy that creates a lot of products and likes to get involved with strategies that the masses haven’t hit yet. Then I expose them to the community.

Most times I feel like I am ahead of the curve.

Once in a while I get a big slap of a reality check and this time it was because of Brian. I was seeing this Brian Gonzalez appearing on all of these leaderboards for Internet Marketing products on a DAILY basis.

How was he in the top 10 every day and not burning his list?

It didn’t make sense.


He was selling way more than who I would consider to be the pros or the big dogs. The thing is I had never heard of him.

I have been around enough that I know who the players are in this space. Sure people can be brand new and work their way up but you don’t just come from nowhere and kick everyone’s butt. I looked him up.

There was nothing on him online. What the funny I said to myself.

How is this guy dominating leaderboards and A. I don’t know who he is and B. I don’t see any product creation from him.

How is he getting the leads? I couldn’t reverse engineer it.
I had to just shake my head.


A couple of weeks went by and by an absolute fluke I sat beside him randomly at an Internet Marketing event.

I said you are that Brian guy I see on all of the leaderboards lately?
He said yes that is me. He then said I only started a couple of months ago!