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Jack LaLanne – Fiscal Fitness
  • Jack LaLanne – Fiscal Fitness

Jack LaLanne – Fiscal Fitness


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Jack LaLanne – Fiscal Fitness

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“In a climate of uncertainty about the future of Social Security and Medicare, Jack LaLanne and Matthew Rettick have written a welcome how-to guide on taking control of your health and finances.”
–Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

“Jack LaLanne is an icon in fitness, living proof that, if you follow his advice, you’ll live a rich, fulfilling life. Matthew J. Rettick is the `man with the plan’ in finance. This unique combination of experts has produced a most interesting book.”
–Arnold Palmer, world-renowned golfing legend

“Jack LaLanne is as enthusiastic about life and health today as he was 40 years ago when I met him. It’s his zest for living, and it works! So does this combination!”
–Willard Scott, host of NBC’s Today Show

About the Author

Jack LaLanne is famous for a number of firsts including opening the first modern health club in 1936; swimming from Alcatraz, hands and feet shackled. But his most famous first was to increase public awareness for the need of systematic physical conditioning through his daily exercise TV show, which spanned 34 years. He is labeled the father of the modern fitness movement in America today and is called “The Godfather of Fitness.” Over 90 years old, LaLanne still works out twice a day and is in demand as a motivational speaker. His famous juice machines, which literally have sold millions, are staples in kitchens across America and the world. Generations young and old recognize him and practice his tenets.

Matthew J. Rettick knows what it takes to plan for a great retirement. Founder and CEO of Covenant Reliance Producers, Rettick has been dubbed “The Man with the Plan” by Market Advisor magazine, a leading industry publication. Being in the top 1 percent of retirement advisors in the country, Rettick has been tapped for financial product advice from insurance companies and has been featured repeatedly on various television stations as the “expert” in his field. His contribution to Fiscal Fitness gives retirees and pre-retirees a “plan” to achieve the best possible financial future.

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