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Jack Hutson – Charting the Stock Market The Wyckoff Method
  • Jack Hutson – Charting the Stock Market The Wyckoff Method

Jack Hutson – Charting the Stock Market The Wyckoff Method


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“This book explains several things that I didnt see elsewere but I have observed in the stock market.

For example, large operator’s manipulation (I have seen operators putting large sell orders only to buy stock with small orders).


The book covers also how to interpret volume, how to construct a position sheet to rank several stocks (in this topic I think the book could have been more detailed), how to use point and figure to project targets, some psicology for traders, etc.

Ah, here you will find no oscillators and no moving averages.


I liked the book. Why did I give it 4 stars and not 5 ?

Because I think certain explanations are ommiting details and the book could have more examples. In position sheet construction, for example, I think Hutson should put some charts explaining why the stock would be in position 1 and not in position 2.


That lack of examples implies you will need to carefully think and rethink about some rules,tips and orientations before devising a methodic way to apply it.


Also I think this book is better if you read it in the reverse order of the authors. Let me explain: The book has 3 authors, first section is written by Hutson, etc… I think the last part is more detailed, so that if I bought the book today, I would start reading the third section (this section is the better of the book in my opinion), then second section and finally first section.”


“This is a very good book on technical analysis and also gives a great outlook on what is happening in the market. If you understand how the strong-hands are playing the market you can jump on for the ride, and profit!


The section on Price-Volume analysis is priceless and makes this book great. If you can watch and comprehend what is going on by using price and volume, you are head and shoulders above most people that trade. Knowing what the strong-hands in the market are doing, and then joining them, is my favorite way to make money. I can’t move a market, but I am very good at “jumping on the big dogs back” and riding for profit.


The rest of the book was informative, but I have a habit of reading a book and taking the things I like. I like to understand what others in the market are doing, but if it does not resonate with me, or makes my current process more complicated, I do not use it. If you use this book and follow its instructions you will do well. Yes, it is a lot of work, but most successful traders work hard. I have a similar system and Price/volume analysis just makes sense to me. Plus it works well. So use the parts you like.


If you do not have a system you designed, or are not a consistent, profitable trader, you can use the Wyckoff process outlined in this book to be consistent and profitable. The author talks about hand charting and analyzing the data. He says it should take about an hour a day. With the advent of computerized trading and Excel, I can configure the data into charts in seconds, then spend about 15 minutes glancing through them. Then focus a little more time on the areas that look interesting. If under an hour a day is too much work, maybe trading is not what you should be looking at? Anyway, its a great book that will give you a more detailed understanding of what is really happening in the market. Good luck.”


“This is, in my opinion, one of the best technical analysis books out there.


The approach of Richard Wyckoff was developed in the beginning of the century and it still applies. He shows you, in great details, how through price, volume and trend lines you can identify what a stock is doing and what it is about to do. And he did all of it by hand!!!


The system is pure and, if combined with other indicators, moving averages, etc. can be powerful.


The book is full of technical information. It is condensed, not an easy read but worth every penny and it is one of the least expensive books out there.


I highly recommend it.”


“One of my favorite books about the market. A good summary of the Richard D. Wyckoff course. My current copy is getting dog eared and its almost time to replace it. However, I would probably not recommend this book for beginners as the book is not a seamless whole that flows from one idea to another. For someone new to the Wyckoff methodology this will be a bumpy ride as the book feels choppy due to being complied by different authors and edited together. But if you got the stomach for it, its a great book.


For an easier start to reading Price and Volume together try reading “A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis” by Anna Coulling to get your feet wet. But do not miss this book afterward.”


When you start educating yourself on the stockmarket, you start a journey to what really happens.

There are hundreds of books out there telling you the same thing, but its not what you need to learn.

The Wyckoff Method is about price and volume. And what you can interpret from it.

This is what you need to know to compile a trading plan that will stand up to all types of markets.

From this book I can now compile a trading plan in relation to volume spread analysis.(VSA)

In the pursuit of knowing what a market will do tomorrow, The Wyckoff Method points you in the right direction.