Jack Bernstein – Short-Term Trading with Precision Timing (Video 260 MB)


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Jake Bernstein, commodity trading veteran and seasonality expert, reveals specific rules to show you – or anyone – how to turn small profits into BIG WINNERS.

In this full-length video seminar, you will learn what separates the champions from the crowds. Learn short-term position and day-trading methods that are verifiably simple and profitable!

Day Trading the S&P? Mini’s? Beans? Bonds? Jake shares specific rules for setting effective trailing stops in these markets. Fractionalize your losses and avoid getting whipsawed.

Build winning methods that work for you!


  1. Beginning
  2. I Guarantee It
  3. Jake Bernstein
  4. Systems and Methods
  5. 30% – 10% of Trades
  6. Risk Management
  7. Most Important Patterns
  8. The Ratio
  9. Moving Averages
  10. 10 Segments
  11. Filter
  12. Day of Week Patterns
  13. Simple Concept
  14. Thursday/Friday
  15. Day Trading
  16. 30 Minute Rule
  17. Stop, Loss and Risk
  18. Just 25%
  19. The Big Moves
  20. Last Thing
  21. The Fish Test
  22. Final Word

Jake Bernstein

Jack Bernstein is president of MBH Commodity Advisors in Winnetka, IL. He has written nearly 30 books on futures and stock trading, trader psychology and economic forecasting. In addition to his expertise in seasonal trading, Jake has pioneered numerous technical and cyclical methodologies for futures markets.