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Instagram Mentorship
  • Instagram Mentorship

Instagram Mentorship

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Instagram Mentorship

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I Tried It All







Paid Ads

What’s Possible?


$1.00 Per Email Subscriber


What This Is Not

No Get Rich Quick

No Push Button Riches

No, “I don’t want to work, but want to make

money” amateurs

After Building A 100k Instagram…

No Buying of Followers

No App That Helps You Grow

Forget All Other Social Media

No Multiple Accounts

No Following Kim K, etc.

No Posting Of Naked Girls

No Celebrity Required

No Experience Required

The Hard Way…

  • Begging On Comments For Followers
  • Waiting For That One Big Account To Post Your Photo
  • Setting Up Multiple Accounts 20 or More…
  • Constantly Searching For Some Bot To Help The Account Grow
  • Listening To So Called Gurus Who Don’t Even Have An IG Account


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Want The Easy Way That Does NOT Require You To Buy Followers, Beg for Comments And Post Naked Girls All Day?

The 3 Instagram Growth Secrets

Secret #1 – I’m not tied to my computer, with a mobile phone I can post consistent content. Secret #2 -1 don’t need to beg for followers. I network with others accounts and they promote Secret #3 – Have engagement groups promote your new photo with in the first 30 minutes.


Instagram Growth: Secret #1

I Was Doing It All Wrong

  • Stuck at my computer all day
  • Find some bot to post my content
  • Buy Amazing photos
  • Take selfies all day
  • I could just post once per day


  • Mobile Phone
  • Get photos from Google
  • Repost Photos
  • Use Free Apps To Make Photos
  • Post Every 3 Hours

Instagram Growth: Secret #2

I Was Doing It All Wrong

  • Asking people to follow in the chat area
  • Buying followers
  • Follow big accounts
  • Using a bot to help attract followers
  • Shout 4 Shouts
  • Promote Similar Accounts
  • Paid Shoutouts

Instagram Growth: Secret #3

Have engagement groups promote your new photo within in the first 30 minutes.

I Was Doing It All Wrong

  • Commenting On Big Accounts
  • Taking a long time to write out the perfect comment
  • Engagement groups on messenger apps



  • Engagement groups on facebook
  • 15 People Per Group
  • Search The Comments of Active


  • Start Commenting And You Will Be Asked To Join
  • Start Your Own Group With The Commenters On Your Photos

What You’re Gonna Get…


100k Instagram Setup System ($997 Value)

Content Creation System ($897 Value)

Hashtags and Automation System ($697 Value)

Shoutout Engagement System ($597 Value)

Account Tracking System ($797 Value)

Advanced Growth Hacks ($997 Value)

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