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High Velocity Market Master
  • High Velocity Market Master

High Velocity Market Master


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The HVMM is organic… not simply the sum of its parts, this system is synergistic. The High Velocity Technique uses my top-secret indicators with proven rule structure to get you in to win and out in a flash.

Combined with clear and concise rules that give you precise entries and exits – the High Velocity Market Master does 90% of the work for you! Seriously, all you need to do is learn the rules, watch for a setup (the system identifies this for you) and place and manage your trade to target. That’s it.

Even better, the HVMM system “knows” great price action and can tell the difference from ugly, choppy market conditions. No more taking losing trades during choppy sessions, ending the day deeply in the red because you (or your other system) couldn’t identify when to stay OUT. The High Velocity Technique keeps you out of the chop and churn so you don’t LOSE your capital.

The High Velocity Market Master gives you EVERYTHING you need to start trading your favorite markets profitably.

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Here’s how it works…

When you become a HVMM System Owner, you received Resource Training Package immediately. Within this package is your ticket to successful trading whether you prefer forex, futures, stocks or options markets. It even covers both day and swing time frames.

You’ll receive an entire suite of custom indicators personally developed and refined byMark Soberman. You’ll also open up your package and find five full CD’s worth of video-based training. From start to finish – Mark and his coaches are there holding your hand through this learning process. You can also expect to receive printed training manuals for quick reference as well as a detailed guide to markets an time frames. And lastly, you’ll receive an entire YEAR’s membership to the High Velocity Market Master Owner’s Club!

The entire learning process is broken out for you in step-by-step pieces so it’s one foot in front of the other (aka: NOT overwhelming!). Sure, you get alot great ‘stuff’ in HVMM package but it’s all so easy to understand and digest that you’ll be up and running in no time-flat.

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Here’s What You Get As A High Velocity Market Master Trader…

HVMM Custom Indicator Software The backbone of the High Velocity Market Master – you’ll be given an all-access pass to these custom programmed indicators for forex, futures, stock, and options markets FOREVER. As soon as you signup , these extremely powerful indicators will be shipped out and applied to your charts to start seeing results. You will use these exact indicators for every market you trade! Fully compatible with MetaTrader, TradeStation, Ninja, and eSignal platforms.

5 Disc’s Worth Of HVMM Video-Based Training Complete set of High Velocity Market Master Video Trainings will be supplied to you on FIVE easy-to-load discs for fast viewing and quick future reference. View step-by-step walk-throughs setting up your trading charts, applying the custom indicators and getting ready to take trades. You’ll also learn the HVMM fundamental rules and how to identify our major setups. Advanced topics include Risk Management, Choosing Your Markets/Intervals and developing your daily Trading Plan and Schedule. Discs include: Setup, Basic Training, Special Situations & Walk-Through’s, System II, and Trade Secrets.

HVMM Trading Manual This manual is where the magic starts to happen. You’ll be introduced to the High Velocity Market Master strategy. The coaches will show you each of the major set-ups where you’ll be able to use your custom indicators to determine your exact entry set-ups. The High Velocity Market Master will enable you to trade multiple markets in all types of market conditions and do it with ease in just minutes a day! Whether the market is trending, swinging or chopping you’ll follow the road-map the indicators and the rules show you. This manual will give you an in-depth look at the markets and time intervals to trade with the High Velocity Market Master plus much, much more.

HVMM Guide To Markets & Time Frames The High Velocity Market Master Guide to Markets & Time Frames included with your resource package has several key sections. You’ll see charted examples of for several markets markets and time frames on which the system works ideally. You’ll also encounter sections on trading hours, contracts, trade placement types as well as exit strategies. You’ll also learn sound money management tactics along with position sizing. Suggested resources for charting applications, data feeds and brokers are included along with special offers for the useful tools. The Markets & Time Frames Guide is a concise and easy to follow resource with charts, tables and content that will assist you in getting started ASAP!