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Grow Rich with Bazi 2.0 by Joey Yap’s


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Grow Rich with Bazi 2.0 by Joey Yap’s

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The Grow Rich with Bazi is a step-by-step program designed to help you achieve success in the field, career and arena of maximum returns. In this course, you will gain insights to your character, personality, strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll uncover your hidden potentials and inner talents. Reveal opportunities you may never have known otherwise and understand your mode of operation. Rediscover yourself and your true passion. Learn to determine your character, nature and life path through your Destiny Code, with significant accuracy and great detail. Forecasts on many aspects of life can be made with your upcoming cycle of luck.

By understanding yourself better, you can induce positive changes in your personality and character. This program is designed for first timers in BaZi, enthusiasts and professional practitioners. In this second revision, there are 2 new additional topics. A major upgrade and further enhancements to the original 6 were made where thousands of others have already benefited.