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Forex Historical Data 1999-2013


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Forex Historical Data 1999-2013

All 11 Pairs with 14+ Years History Package
Contains all Majors + Additional Pairs


Forex Historical Data for MetaTrader


Reliable 14+ years of intraday history data for all timeframes down to 1 Minute



We offer reliable full forex history intraday data for the most traded currencies (see the full list below).


The data are in ASCII format, ready for import to MetaTrader 4.

Our data start in November 1999 and end in June 2015, we offer full intraday data for timeframes from 1 minute, including: 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 min, 1 hour, 4 hours and daily for all currencies.


Data are composed of Open, High, Low and Close and Volume, they are cross compared and cross validated for maximum reliability.



Why should you purchase quality historical data?


MetaTrader history data (downloaded using Metatrader) are known to be unreliable. They contain errorneous candles and gaps (missing data) of several minutes, days or even months (yes, that’s correct) that result in incorrect computation of indicators. You shouldn’t rely on the free data when testing your EA robot or manual trading strategy.

We provide high quality history data that are cross validated for maximum reliability. Our data are specially targetted to be used for backtesting EA robots with maximum reliability.

We offer full 14+ years history of intraday data. Unlike many other services we provide true intraday data for timeframes from 1 minute up.

Lifetime future updates – we update the data on a quarterly basis, adding the recent months. You will be able to download the most current data with your username/password anytime in the future.

Bonus guides (see below) – we provide also bonus guides that will help you get most of your EAs.


No more unreliable backtesting


The accuracy of historical data is one of the most important factors that can predetermine your success as a trader. Whenever you are developing or evaluating new trading strategy (mechanical or with EA) or making a backtest, you need reliable history data that will help you with the decision process.


This sample report shows that the tester found more than four hundred thousand errors in the chart data. This is very common if you rely on the data downloaded only from History Center.

Would you trust the results of such test? Of course not.


We provide reliable real history data with no gaps and no chart errors. The data can be used for reliable backtests of EAs or manual trading systems more than 14 years into the past.


What you’ll get


Historical Data For Chosen Currency Pairs

Historical data for every currency pair in ASCII format, ready for import into MetaTrader. Every pair contains data file for all the timeframes. Our data has Open, High, Low and Close prices and Volume. Time of data is in GMT+2, data for every pair cover period of more than 14 years..


Data is delivered in zip archives, ready to download right after your purchase is processed. The zip archive contains also step-by-step import guide.