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Forex Armor

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Forex Armor is an expert advisor created by the team that’s been developing automated trading robots since 2005. They tell the community that their “systems has been used by many professionals as well as corporations around the world, we dedicated to integrity and excellence in profitability and trading consulting.” This certainly isn’t written well, but they feel that they are able to offer a professional service because they’ve been through so much with their trading experiences. They believe that even when the market is difficult, they can still provide opportunities and avoid the potential negative effects.

The contact page shows that the company is located at Jalan Kubung Batu Raya 10/04, Jimbaran, Bali, but the Google Map on their website says they are located at Storey Ave, San Francisco, USA. Yet, if you zoom in to the map, it shows that the address they’ve chosen is actually for Brian Lynn Financial Services, a website that has no relation to Forex Armor at all. It’s confusing as to why the developers would utilize this map on multiple pages on their website, as it’s clearly not their address. This is certainly a concern, and does put a shadow of a doubt in our minds that something deceptive is being attempted by the development team.

Forex Armor EA emerged from a solid team that has been developing Forex System and Expert Advisors since 2005. Our systems has been used by many professionals as well as corporations around the world, we dedicated to integrity and excellence in profitability and trading consulting.

Through gaining experience in various economic periods, our team are able to create the best opportunities whether we are in good times or bad times. Good times provide growth in our portfolio and bad times, despite the potential negative effects, can provide opportunities.

Forex Armor Expert Advisor strategy implementing a unique of its own yet simple and powerful strategy.

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