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Forex Anihilation package


Forex Anihilation package

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I congratulate you on getting this guide, for it shows that you have the fortitude and courage to face some of your ‘demons’ and take action. I do hope that you will follow through with this guide and use it to change your fortunes.

This guide is intended to give you a solid understanding of where, emotionally speaking, many mistakes originate and then guiding you through a discovery process to determine the best course of action to resolve the problem. By knowing this, you are empowered to take specific and appropriate actions to address these sources and thus reduce the likelihood of the mistakes occurring and the subsequent losses or missed opportunities that result.

This is all personal work that is involved. While I may speak of certain technical terms in this guide, the markets you choose to trade and the methods you employ are all your decision. In my opinion, trading is trading and people are human beings, not machines. It is learning to listen to your emotions, to be aware of them and what they are telling you that you can best make use of the natural processes that are part of you.

You, as a human being, are magnificent and all that there is to you is truly amazing. You’re capable of great accomplishments when the various parts of you are working congruently. If you are experiencing difficulty in your trading, then you just haven’t discovered how to bring everything into alignment.

Your emotions are an integral part of who you are, and they serve you, whether you think they do or not. They are a response and they are telling you what you need to a pay attention to – if you know how to listen to what they are telling you and not just getting caught up in the feeling.

I’ve had conversation with numerous people about trading in general and one notion always seems to come up sooner or later: how the experience of trading can be like a very powerful mirror. In trading, you’ll learn more about yourself than in most any other endeavor because it is you and the markets, no one else.

Unfortunately these enlightenments come through hard lessons, but any weaknesses, fears, shortcomings and strengths will be highlighted for the trader.

Trading is a high-stakes and often high-pressure situation, and there is no one there but you. Yes, you may have a mentor, friend or broker to assist you, but the trading decisions are all yours and while the temptation is always there to blame someone or something else, you always know in the back of your mind that the results of your actions are all your own.

The Trader’s Guide To Emotional Management – Trading With Your Emotions Copyright 2007 New Ireland Ventures, LLC / Inside Out Trading All rights reserved.

You’ve got guts and I say that because you will have many realities to face. Your results and your experiences are all a reflection of you and how you approach your business. If you have personal, mathematical, money or discipline issues, the markets will put that right in your face, no punches pulled. The markets will be cruelly honest with you and many people don’t want to face that mirror. For many, it is a scary proposition and they would rather deny the truth than face it and grow from the lessons to be learned.

It takes courage to honestly look at yourself, face your fears and admit your weaknesses and short-comings. I admire you for having the integrity and courage to do so.

Speaking of honesty and candor, here are a few ‘facts’ to keep in your pocket. You are smarter than average and capable of succeeding. You’ve already shown that by being in a position to trade. You’ve got the courage to do things differently than the rest of the crowd. You wouldn’t be a trader otherwise. It’s too risky for most.