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Emily Hirsh – Ignite Marketing for Influencers
  • Emily Hirsh – Ignite Marketing for Influencers

Emily Hirsh – Ignite Marketing for Influencers


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Emily Hirsh – Ignite Marketing for Influencers

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Here’s what you’ll get:  Ignite Marketing for Influencers

Section #1: The Messaging Lab

Messaging is the foundation of ANY successful marketing campaign. Too many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of defining their ideal client, market research, and getting to the heart of their customer’s emotions and experiences.

So that’s where we’re going to start.

Because if your messaging isn’t right — no amount of strategy can save you!

Section #2: Modern Organic Marketing 101

Discover the best, most up-to-date organic marketing strategies to connect to a wider audience, build visibility, and set the stage for your larger goals.

Do NOT skip this… unless you want to pay more for your ads and get underwhelming results! (And who wants to do that?)

Section #3: The Funnel & Marketing Incubator

How do I know what funnel strategy is right for my offer? How top-level entrepreneurs create killer webinars? How do I write a high-converting email sequence?

Get answers to all these questions and so much more!

Section #4: A Ph.D. in Facebook & Instagram

Don’t worry; we’re not making you write a dissertation.

But we WILL share EVERYTHING you need to know about running successful Facebook & Instagram campaigns without all the overwhelm!

Section #5: The Optimization Bootcamp

Alright, your brilliant campaign is up, running, and you’re gathering data. Time to take a nap?

No! Now it’s time to optimize, scale, and pivot where necessary!

Section #6: The Live Launch Symposium

Learn the most up-to-date insider secrets for how we’ve run million-dollar launch campaigns for our clients again and again and again

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