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Elementary English Level I Complete Course


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Elementary English Level I Complete Course

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What you’ll learn
Communicate effectively in the Present Simple using both positive and negative sentences and questions.
Accumulate a vocabulary of 360+ nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and phrasal verbs.
Confidently produce the active language skills of speaking and writing in English.
Build upon the passive language skills of reading and understanding spoken English.

Familiarity with the English alphabet is essential.
A small vocabulary (50-100 basic words) is helpful.
This course covers the basics of the English language for beginners and false beginners.

Included in the course are:

– More than 360 vocabulary words

– Grammar: Subject Pronouns, Nouns and Adjectives, Definite and Indefinite Articles

– Verbs: Present Simple, Negative Sentences, Questions

More than 400 multiple choice questions and various reading, writing, and listening exercises help the student practice and implement the language skills they have learned. All exercises are reviewed with explanations.

Who this course is for:
False beginner students of the English language.
Beginner students who have done some independent English study. (Doesn’t need to be a lot.)
Some general familiarity with English, but little if any formal classwork or independent study.