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DTTM Software v3 (Dec 2014)

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MORE Than Just Software


The DTTM Software is very unique and powerful (and we’re told by a lot of members that they can’t imagine trading without it at this point), but it’s important to remember that this software is just part of what you get when you become a member.


Granted, the better your tools, the better you’re likely to do, but software alone will not make you a highly successful trader.  If your goal is to become a truly masterful trader, you have to start thinking of trading as more than just robotic entries. You have to start thinking about trading holistically, and you have to start thinking about your trading career as a series of continual improvements.


That’s why we don’t just sell you some software and then wish you well.  We are truly committed to our members and we’re truly committed to helping you reach your trading goals.  That’s NOT just a line.  We really mean it.  We will do anything in our power to help you become a better trader and reach your goals.  And that means we won’t just play on your emotions like so many so-called educators do. Trading is about more than the latest and greatest entry technique.  You must develop ALL of the skills required to be highly successful.



We will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the role your emotions play in your trading.  Your trading style MUST match your personality and risk tolerance. We help you get there.

From there, you will learn how the market really works – the logic behind why the market moves and how you can be on the right side more often.


Then, you will learn how to hone your trade entry skills so you can enter with as little risk as possible while having as much upside opportunity as possible.


Of course, trade entry is just the first step. The real money is made on the exit side. You will learn how to maximize gain on winning trades and minimize loss on losing trades. You’ll also learn how to manage your position sizing to maximize account growth safely.


Once you have a good handle on your trading-specific skills, we really help you dive into the mental/emotional side of trading. We have several “drills” that will really help you clarify these issues.


Next, it’s about review and improvement. How can you make marginal gains and improve each area? The cycle starts again. There is no shortcut…but if you’re serious about your trading, this will work for you.


You need more than just knowledge. You need more than just tools. You need more than just techniques. You need more than just self understanding. You need it all.


This addon will work under any NT7 cracked and/or legal !!!


1) Install “DTTMSoftwareV3_NT7_Setup.exe”


2) Copy/replace dll files from “Crack” folder into the “\My Documents\NinjaTrader 7\bin\Custom”