Dan Sheridan & Mark Fenton – Directional Calendars in 2023

Unlock the secrets of Risk Management techniques honed in the Chicago Board Options Exchange pits with Dan Sheridan, a seasoned instructor with years of experience.

Dive into our exclusive 4-week Live Teaching Class centered around Directional Calendars in 2023.

Class Highlights:

Embark on an exciting journey with our newly launched Live Online Course: Directional Calendars. Why now?

With the SPX on an upward trend and VIX at 5-year lows, Credit Spread Traders may find themselves a bit frustrated.

Although you can still reap benefits from a Credit Spread if the market aligns in your favor, the minimal room for error with such a low VIX can be limiting.

Many retail traders feel constrained in a low VIX scenario, often unaware of the opportunities it presents.

This 4-week course provides a hands-on opportunity to delve into the world of Directional Calendars,

exploring their potential for higher yields and shorter trade durations in a low VIX environment.

Learn the specifics of the trade, from entry points and strike selection to duration, and most crucially, how to navigate when things go awry.

Our expertise lies in risk management and adjustments, and that will be the core focus of this course.

Key Details:

Course begins on Monday, July 31, with subsequent sessions every Monday and Wednesday at 11 am Central Time for 4 weeks.

All classes are recorded and archived for your convenience, in case you miss a live session or wish to revisit the content later.

Live trades conducted during the class will be promptly emailed to you and posted on your class archive page by Dan.

Expect live Directional Calendar demonstrations in each session, providing ample opportunities for practical learning.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your trading skills and seize the potential presented by Directional Calendars in a low VIX market environment.

Join us for an immersive learning experience!

Directional Calendars in 2023

What’s inside Directional Calendars in 2023?

This is a Live 4 -Week Cours Meeting every Mon & Wed. starting July 31st!

Once a student purchases a course, an email is then sent, containing login credentials to access the archived class page.

Purchasing access to a class gives at least 6 months of access to all recordings, as well as trade updates, PDF’s and PowerPoints.

Course Schedule:

Class #1: Mon July 31st at 11:00am CT with Dan & Mark

Class #2: Wed Aug 2nd at 11:00am CT with Dan & Mark

Class #3: Mon Aug 7th at 11:00am CT with Dan & Mark

Class #4: Wed Aug 9th at 11:00am CT with Dan & Mark

Class #5: Mon Aug 14th at 11:00am CT with Dan & Mark

Class #6: Wed Aug 16th at 11:00am CT with Dan & Mark

Class #7: Mon Aug 21st at 11:00am CT with Dan & Mark

Class #8: Wed Aug 23rd at 11:00am CT with Dan & Mark

If you are interested and you want this course, please
ask for it at [email protected] 

I will send you payment options as soon as possible but
not longer then 24 hours

Thank you for your understanding