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The Only Rapid Breakout Forex System That Is Capable of Over 443% Profit in Only 4 Months While Trading 10 Currency Pairs

And it Automatically Opens and Manages the Trades for You!

What if there was a way to make an obscene amount of money trading the Forex market…

  • Without High risk, low reward strategies
  • Without investing a lot of money
  • Without having to take one single trade yourself
  • Without prior trading or technical experience

Have You Heard The Saying, “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”?

Money might not be able to buy you happiness, but sure will buy you freedom.  Freedom to spend time with your family, freedom to take vacations, freedom from debt.

That’s happiness isn’t it?

So although we may not want to admit it, money is necessary in our lives, no matter how much we fight it, because if we don’t have money we have to waste time working for it.   And that creates stress, which takes away from your happiness.

And if there is a way to accumulate wealth so you can have freedom to not work for a boss 5 days a week, then maybe just maybe, you should be paying serious attention to what I’m about to share with you next.

The Most Consistent Trading Method That Always Works And Pulls in 50% to 100% Profit on Average per Month…

Breakout trading.

Yes, that’s right, breakout trading is one of the most consistent and profitable strategies you can use to dominate the Forex markets.

You are probably scratching your head now and thinking, “what makes breakout trading so special?”  First, it really depends on how you trade breakouts, but when you lock in the right formula, with the right type of money management the profits are mind blowing.

Second, the reason breakout trading is so powerful is because it allows for a safer risk to reward that you normally can’t achieve with other trading systems.

See the image above?

These are trades from different pairs running CovertFX.  You can see that the trades entered after a sharp movement that’s not the same as previous pairs, usually signalling a breakout.

Typically, the breakout will be rapid and jump sky high, with a high profit target and trailing stop, profits are safe and locked in.   And typically with a large number of pips.

But what if it ends up being a false breakout?

In that case, we would just cut losses quick on the other end of the channel.  The loss is much lower than the potential profit.

Making this a very low risk to very high reward strategy.  And the amazing thing about breakout trading, its easy to be more often right than wrong.

Using this exact method look at some of the massive gains I’ve been able to make…

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Can You Do This By Hand? I Bet Not…

Imagine, trying to comb through dozens of charts, monitoring news, and watching for rapid breakouts, trying to catch the right moment of price action explosion to get your trades in and rake in massive profits.

Sounds exhausting and nearly impossible right?

Well, if you do it by hand, you probably won’t get very far, but that’s why I developed the CovertFX automated trading system.

Instead of trying to monitor multiple charts and make trades faster than superman, you can have your computer simultaneously monitor multiple pairs for you and take rapid trades for you and manage them into a safe profit.

Let me introduce you to…

CovertFX: One of the most powerful and fully automated
breakout trading systems in the world

  • Runs On 10 Currency Pairs (including GOLD)!
  • Completely Automated
  • Verified Live Trading Record
  • No Grid And No Martingale
  • Smart Money Management

CovertFX capitalizes on the breakout movements I just showed you on 10 pairs and that includes GOLD, which is a nice bonus to trade.

The best part is the software automates the whole process for you.  It scans all 10 pairs daily, and rapidly trades on specific breakouts, while cutting losses quickly.

It also, will manage trades intelligently using a unique trailing system that accounts for volatility and timing.  Basically, it allows the system to detect if a strong movement is dying out (time to take money off the table).

Yes, CovertFX Works With Real Money (Here’s Proof)…

On the right is a MyfxBook widget.  You can click it to verify that it is real directly on their website.  They are a third party verified service that validates an account via investor access.

You Might Know Me

If you don’t know me already, then my name is Jared Rybeck.  Before mastering Forex I struggled.

I had to watch my father die, put my mother in a home, and take care of my sister.

We were all alone and we were left with almost nothing.

I was stuck working jobs that barely paid me enough to get by, let alone pay for my mother’s medical bills.

We were stuck in a bad place.

It was a tough journey, but I was drawn to Forex and fortunately, no matter how bad I did, I never gave up.  And it paid off.

I discovered the best trading method was… breakout trading.

And I worked my way to perfecting my strategy with it and eventually automating it.  That led to the buffed up version of CovertFX you see now, which trades 10 pairs and does it while accumulating an insane amount of profit.

My favorite thing that I love about CovertFX: You can stop worrying about news!

One of the biggest fears in Forex is will a news event or even a strong market movement go against you.

Which is a completely rational fear, but what if I told you with CovertFX you should look at news events and strong market movements as a really good thing?

Because CovertFX trades on breakouts, it LOVES news.  When a strong movement comes it will capitalize on it.

Think about this for a moment.  The biggest issue for Forex traders and trading systems is unexpected movements that can’t be predicted, like news.  CovertFX has in fact mastered these movements.

What does that mean for you?

It means CovertFX works in all market conditions because it is able to profit even when the unexpected happens!

What Will Your Life Look Like 3 Months, 6 Months,
Or Even 1 Year From Now?

As I’ve mentioned before, my father died of Parkinson’s disease. He suffered from the disease for about 10 years of his life.

At some point in his life, he realized, this is it, this horrible disease is finally going to be the death of me.

When that moment finally arrived, he started to reflect on his life. He was left wondering; did I accomplish everything I wanted to in my life? Did I have a chance to really LIVE?

After serious debate, the answer to his question was NO.

Having worked his entire life, he realized he should have spent more time doing the things he loved. Traveling, laying on a beach, spending time with family, reading books, relaxing, shopping, buying fun toys, and gadgets.

He didn’t want me nor my sister to make the same mistake he did. He wanted us to live our lives.

He pulled us both aside, and passed along his dying words of wisdom.

“Don’t let money keep you from doing the things you love. Find a way to better yourself. Have your money make money for you. Get out there and experience life.”

Due to my vulnerability I had no choice but to listen.

I had no control over the situation, there was nothing I could do at this point that would help my father. The powerlessness drove me crazy. This man supported me my entire life, and there was ABSOLUTELY nothing I could do to extend his life.

Instead, I choose to listen, which is why I put myself on a path towards self-sustainability. I wanted increase my financial value without having to work all the time so I could have a chance to live my life.

Let’s take a step back for a moment for a chance to reflect.  And let me ask you a serious question.  Please really consider this.

If you do absolutely nothing different today, then what will your life look like 3 months, 6 months, or even 1 year from now?

Will it be better?  Worse?  Or the same? Would you still be struggling?  Would you still hate your job?  Still wishing and hoping for change?

Unfortunately, that’s often what happens when we get sucked into our own little worlds and just keeping doing the same thing over and over.  Go to work, pay bills, go to the bar, watch some TV, and do it all over again.

Until one day you wake up and it’s 40 years later and what do you have to show for it?  Debt?  Fear that you won’t be able to afford retirement or help your kids pay for college?

Thats no way to live.

Now, what if after 3 months, 6 months, or even 1 year you were in a position to quit your job, go on a few vacations, and start building a massive nest egg.

A nest egg for retirement, to help your children, and to create a world of freedom for yourself.

Its possible, but do you think it will just happen if you change nothing? 

Maybe, but most likely not.  If you want to see change this year, then you need to take action, I’m presenting you with a tool that can radically change your future.

But it won’t happen unless you use the software.  And the crazy part is the software is risk free for you to try and discover what it can do for you.

How Much Does CovertFX Cost?
(The Deal Of A Lifetime!)

Before I tell you the price for CovertFX, let me ask you a question.  If in 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year, you could have the life you dreamed of.

A nest egg, go on that dream vacation, and free yourself from your job, what would it be worth to you?

Would it be worth $1,000?  Maybe more?  I would think so.

But hey, heres the good news.  You don’t have to pay even remotely close to $1,000 and you’ll still get the software that can help you change your life (CovertFX).

For only $347, today you can get instant lifetime access to the CovertFX software.  That includes everything you need to get started such as detailed manual, software, recommendations, customer support, and updates.

Let me break this down for you, for only $347 you can get full lifetime access to the CovertFX software that trades on 10 currency pairs.  That’s about $34 per pair.

And that includes your risk free 60-day prompt money back guarantee.

Please act now, and sign up using the button below to lock in your low price, I can’t guarantee this price will be this low for much longer as I can raise it anytime.

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