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Chrissy Halton – Christmas Planner
  • Chrissy Halton – Christmas Planner

Chrissy Halton – Christmas Planner


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Chrissy Halton – Christmas Planner

Introducing the ultimate: Christmas Planner preparing for the holidays just got easier…

Give yourself the gift of a stress free Christmas – for years to come…

When it comes to Christmas, I know that you:

Want to have the time to create lots of special memories together without worrying about the never ending TO DO list

Crave some peace & calm to relax & enjoy every moment, instead of rushing around at the last minute sorting things out

Just want things to be a little easier, so you feel less in need of a holiday AFTER the holidays

I know, because I do too!

Time is short, Life is busy, & Christmas adds a completely extra level to it all. We all want to have the best time possible, and give our kids those special memories along the way, but seriously – how on earth are we meant to get it all done alongside all the other stuff we have to deal with each day?


I’m the owner of & the creator of The Christmas Planner.

Having been a Professional Organiser for over 12 years, I know all too well that Christmas is a stressful time of year for most of us.

I made the Christmas Planner as a tool to help me get prepared for the holidays a little at a time, without missing anything – BUT ALSO to take away that sense of overwhelm that comes with trying to add Christmas planning to an already full-to-the-brim life.

And it WORKED! It’s my sanity-saver in the lead up to Christmas Day and beyond – and I wouldn’t be without it.

In fact, it’s been such a game-changer for me that I’m now sharing it so it can do the same for you as well. I can’t wait for you to get a copy and see what a difference it makes…

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

  • You didn’t have to reinvent the wheel every year? Save yourself hours each year by keeping the info from past years. See what worked, and what didn’t(!) – and only update as you need to.
  • You didn’t feel alone or overwhelmed? It can feel lonely when all the Christmas planning falls on your shoulders. This planner has a brilliant 10 week countdown that we work through together via eMail and the Facebook group – so you never feel like there’s too much to do, and by the time Christmas comes around, you can sit back and enjoy it with the rest of the family.
  • You could actually ENJOY Christmas, rather than stressing about it? By the time Christmas rolls around, you can sit back and have fun along with the rest of the family, instead of chasing your tail throughout – because you’ll have everything under control…

It can be like that – when you have a copy of this Christmas Planner…

Take a look inside…

Here’s a breakdown of all the fantastic printable Christmas planner sheets that are included:

Please note that this is a digital product – which you can download and use immediately upon payment. It contains:

Monthly planner sheets (Oct-Jan) – Week by week countdown (pre filled AND blank) – TO DO list – Useful info & dates to remember – Our Traditions – Christmas Budget – Our plan for paying for Christmas – Home plan – Decorations Plan – Party Plan – Things to buy for the house – Wish List – Letter to Santa (kids just need to fill in a few blank spaces) – Gift Ideas (Gift List) – Christmas Card List (4 versions) – Thank you list – Thank you letter template (make it easy for the kids) – 3 * Meal Plan sheets – 3 * Food shopping lists – Christmas Dinner timeline – Things to buy for next the Christmas holiday season – Sales shopping list

You EVEN get 3 gorgeous printable Christmas word art prints to hang on the wall! It truly is the Ultimate Christmas Planner other useful info…

  • Avoid overwhelm & easily stay on track while only doing a little a week – by using the pre-filled checklist of what to do and when in the 10 weeks up to Christmas, plus what to do after as well (and a blank one if you prefer to go it alone!)
  • Stay organised and find things quickly – with 6 gorgeous sections (time, info & budget, home & hosting, cards & gifts, food, & after Christmas – including over 30 beautifully designed printables
  • Make every year easier and easier – It’s been designed to be used year after year – and is completely undated – so you buy it once and can use again and again.
  • Make it your own. All printables areblack and white so you can personalise with your own coloured pens and stickers, or leave them simple and classic.
  • You also get to choose if you prefer your week to start on a Sunday OR a Monday – both versions are included – PLUS what page size you use (both A4 and Letter size are included as well)
  • Because this is a digital product, you can print off as many pages as you want/need
  • It’s really easy to print off and add to a folder of your choice. I created it to be printed on both sides of the paper (duplex) and is a total of 102 pages – with lots of space for notes as well (because we all like to write stuff, right!?).

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