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Chris Haddad – Video Sales Letters
  • Chris Haddad – Video Sales Letters

Chris Haddad – Video Sales Letters


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Chris Haddad – Video Sales Letters

Limited Time Special Introductory Offer
Video Sales Letter Workshop
Create your high-converting, money-making video sales letter in just 30 days.
UPDATE: Only 8 seats left.  Reserve yours now – don’t miss out.

YES! Chris and Lou, I understand that when I enroll in the “Video Sales Letter Workshop” today, I’ll get everything I need to write a high-converting, money-making video sales letter in just 30 days, for the incredibly low introductory price of only $1,997 (NOTE: Use Discount Code “VIP497″ on the order page and save $1,500.00 during this charter member promotion – but only while there’s still room in the program. Watch Video to Learn How).  I understand the tuition for this program and bonuses will never be this low again, and that some or all of the bonuses may not be available later.

This one time introductory special limited offer for the Video Sales Letter Workshop includes:

Core Program Modules, including:

* Phase 1 – Research and Preparation
o Discover what your customer values and wants most.
o The FAB formula for making your customer see why your offer is for him/her.
o Understand the elements of persuasion and influence; how and when to use them for maximum effectiveness.

* Phase 2 – Crafting the Sales Letter
o The “Money Fingers” secret formula for sales videos that convert like crazy.
o The Big Promise – why you need it, what it is, and how to come up with one.
o How to make them “An Offer They Can’t Refuse” – the proven technique for creating offers, and how to communicate the value so it’s a no-brainer “Yes!” for your ideal prospect.
o The Hook and Story – How to create a hook and story that captures the attention of your viewer, keeps them engaged and captivated, and virtually eliminates their buying resistance.
o The Pitch – how to present and communicate your offer in terms your customer really understands and values – so they can’t help but say “Yes!”
o Conversion Maximizers – little tricks and techniques that grease the chute and make ordering your product fast, easy and even fun.
o The Close – How to seamlessly and elegantly transition from telling to selling and take the viewer hypnotically from the video into your sales and order process.

* Phase 3 – Producing The Video
o Low cost (or free) tools and technology you need to record, edit and produce your videos for streaming online.
o How to setup your software and workflow for maximum ease and efficiency.
o Designing your video sales letter optin page and sales letter pages, and getting your video sales letter minisite online – ready to take orders.
o Options, tools, and services for storing and delivering your videos online.

* Phase 4 – Mo’ Traffic, Mo’ Money
o Traffic and automation strategies that turn your video sales letter minisite into your personal 24/7 ATM
o Rolling launches – how to execute what has been the best-kept insider secret for using your video sales letter minisite to make money with affiliates and partners – month after month – quickly and easily.

Weekly Small Group Coaching Calls – Every week, Chris and/or Lou will personally answer your most important questions about any part of the training modules for that week.  These will be small group  coaching calls, each one at least 90 minutes long.

Hi quality HD video of training and coaching presentations.  Available in streaming and downloadable formats so you can watch them online, or download for playback on your favorite desktop or portable media player.

Hi Quality MP3 audio recordings of training and coaching presentations.  Available in streaming online, or to download and play on your desktop or favorite portable player.

Transcripts Of Training Presentations. Available in PDF format for viewing online or desktop, or for printing out.
Action Guides and Checklists. Action Guides show you exactly what to do to put the training into action.  Checklists will list exactly how to to them.  Action guides are typically available for each phase of the training, and Checklists are usually available to step you through the more technical stuff.

Lifetime Access.  No need to rush to download all the workshop materials.  You have lifetime access for as long as the member area is online.  (Should we have to take the content offline, we’ll give you plenty of advance notice so you can download everything).