The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes

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The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes – Instant Download!

ATTENTION: Reprogram Your Mind into a

More Confident Version of You

Discover the #1 key to skyrocket your confidence without years of effort

The Most Advanced ‘Machine’
That Lives in Your Head

The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes

A self-updating intelligence program that will overwrite the limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs in your mind.

Confidence is the key factor that determines success.

A confident sales person will outperform the others.

A confident parent raises better kids.

A confident coach creates more success in their team.

Confidence: the difference between a leader, and the person in charge.

Confidence: what separates successful people from the ones who make excuses.

If you boiled down every successful salesperson,

every influential leader,

and every single person who’s had massive success,

they would all have different morning routines,

they would all have different diets,

they would all have different views on the world.

There’s ONE common trait that you would find in all of them.


This is the key ingredient you won’t hear many people talk about because they either don’t have it,

or they don’t know how to help you get it.

The experts that claim to teach confidence simply address the symptoms,

and never address the root cause.

Leaving you in the EXACT same spot you are in now.

Here’s what they will tell you:

1 – Take cold showers

2 – Speak Louder

3- Do a power pose in the mirror

4 – Keep a gratitude journal

5 – Repeat affirmations

They focus on techniques, strategies, tactics, methods, tips and tricks.

Ignoring the FOUNDATION of the house.

The single thing that supports everything else.


In confidence reboot – I’m going to reprogram your mind.

Over 30 days, I’m going to re-wire how your brain thinks about confidence.

I’m going to change your entire life.

No program like this has ever been done before.

I’m using all my skills as the world leading expert in human behavior to install a program in you that will live forever.

Confidence Reboot is designed to reach into the depths of your mind,

and destroy the mental blocks that are holding you back,

and install the most powerful blueprint for confidence that will run on autopilot.

This is the key difference in success.

Confidence isn’t just important – it’s EVERYTHING.

I’m not just going to make some changes in your mind – my goal is to drastically change your life.

Welcome to the reboot.

  • In 30 days, reprogram your subconscious into a more confident version of you
  • Learn how to edit memories that hold you back, and modify others to lift you up
  • Advanced hypnosis techniques built to install new, confident beliefs into your subconscious
  • Course designed by brainwashing expert Chase Hughes
  • Brainwash yourself into a version of you who excels in life and business
  • Meet your new team of mentors who live in your mind

Here is What’s Included When You Join The Mind Mentor Program With Chase Hughes

Behavioral Imprint Installation

Quickly install new beliefs into your subconscious that drive habits, behaviors and decisions in order to have world class confidence

Confidence Rebuild Process

Permanently rebuild the beliefs about yourself that are the building blocks of confidence. This is an simple process that uses consistency to reprogram the subconscious

Memory Editing Framework

Preprogram your memories to better serve your confidence, and learn to edit negative memories that hold you back


“To forcefully push the boundaries of what’s possible with human behavior to protect national interests.”
-Chase Hughes


The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes

The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes

The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes


Chase Hughes retired from the US military in 2019. After a 20-year career, Chase now teaches interrogation, sales, influence, and persuasion. He developed the 6MX system for intelligence agencies, which is now the gold standard in Tradecraft. Chase is also the only trial consultant in the world that offers a whopping 300% money-back guarantee. Chase is the author of the #1 Bestselling book on behavior profiling, persuasion, and influence, The Ellipsis Manual.

The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes

The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes

The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes

The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes

The Confidence Reboot Program By Chase Hughes, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 0. Proof.pdf
  • 1. Welcome to the Reboot!
  • 2. Mission Briefing
  • 3. Installation (Phase One)
  • 4. Core Training (Phase Two)
  • 5. Programming (Phase Three)
  • 6. The Mentors (Phase Four)
  • 7.Graduation (Phase Five)