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Bar Analyzer
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Bar Analyzer


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The BAR ANALYZER trading indicator makes it possible to visualize the forces inside a price bar using volume profile, market depth, support & resistance, and historical price analysis. With its easy-to-use and customizable interface, you can quickly and accurately see market data come to life on a price chart, and this unique view of the markets can help you spot profitable trading opportunities.

The BAR ANALYZER’s primary interface is a custom-designed form that includes four analysis modules, or blocks: Market Depth Analysis, Bar Progress, Price Analysis and Volume Analysis.  The form graphically displays real-time market information while allowing you to apply sophisticated analysis techniques to your charts by clicking convenient checkboxes.

A powerful feature of the BAR ANALYZER is the automatic support & resistance (S/R) levels. Considered one of the most important concepts in technical analysis, S/R for both short and longer-term price histories are automatically calculated and can be projected onto a chart. The form’s progress bars show how close price is to the S/R levels to help you plan your trades, and provides an alert when price reaches a threshold. While extremely accurate, you can choose to manually adjust or fine tune the S/R levels to match a particular market or trading methodology by clicking and dragging to a new price level.
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