Authority – The Influence Master Key By Chase Hughes

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Authority – The Influence Master Key By Chase Hughes – Instant Download!

In Authority Mastery, we will unpack the exact formula that creates human influence on an extreme level. How do some leaders automatically generate attention, compliance, and extreme levels of ‘followership’.

We’ve all seen it, from cult leaders and charismatic CEOs to Bill Clinton. People with these traits make anyone near them fall into a totally different reality.

In this course, you will not only learn the specific tripwires that have to be hit in order for someone to feel this way, I will be showing you exactly how to set them all off.

You’ll never see this information anywhere else. The Authority Training System was built from scratch for elite operatives and sharpened over decades to reach the level of depth and power it has now.

​You will learn the exact steps that make people compliant in any situation. And it is a little scary to discover how easily we can all be ‘hacked’.


From confidence and discipline, to charisma and the ‘X-factor’

The Authority training system gives you the advantage in human interactions that no other system can.

Module 1: A self-assessment tool that is scarily accurate. Immediately identify all the internal beliefs and habits holding you back from having full authority. You’ll see right away why intelligence operatives use this tool for assessment.

Module 7: The exact formulas (step-by-step) to manufacture compliance in the human brain. How you can do this immediately and easily without months of practice.

There’s a reason this course outperforms all other ‘influence’ training:

The Authority System is rooted in results, and leverages psychology and neuroscience backed by over 200 years of research.


My training was designed for the one-match-left scenario. When there’s only one chance to get it right, and you don’t have time to explain away failure.


What if, just like we have visual blind spots, we have behavioral blind spots? Like a small hole that allows someone to reach into our mind and start pulling levers they shouldn’t have access to. What if this mental blind spot is something that could be measured, and leveraged?

None of us would like to believe we are this vulnerable to the world around us. We tend to go through our lives firmly believing that our minds are somewhat of a fortress; the only things that get in there are things we allow. This belief is called the ‘fortress illusion’, and not only is it incorrect, it’s dangerous to believe.

Imagine going to sleep with a rock-solid belief that your doors have all been locked tight. You’ll sleep more soundly, but if you’re missing an exterior wall of the house, the house isn’t secure. The fortress illusion actually makes us an easier target for persuasion and authority; making us relax when we might need to pay more attention to our surroundings.

In AUTHORITY MASTERY, we are going to perform an autopsy on some research into obedience; digging through the psychological factors and investigating what’s happening in the mind when a person is under the spell of authority.

Second, we will discuss the factors that trigger that automatic obedience, and how you can trigger that response in others.

In AUTHORITY MASTERY, I want to illustrate exactly how authority triggers automatic obedience and expose the secrets behind it. We are going to conduct several investigations and dissect the causes, reasons and dark sides of automatic human behavior. With this, I’ll distill the exact methods to access these behavioral loopholes.

Why and how can a person hijack a human brain’s normally rational decision-making centers?

I get it.

This stuff is scary, but if you were able to influence on a whole new level, you’d be able to help limitless people.

If therapists had this training, therapy might be radically different. Doctors could save more people, convincing them to adapt healthier lifestyles. Sales professionals could dramatically change their lives.

A weapon is only a tool. Wielded well, this training will change your life, and allow you to make serious changes in the lives of others.

Remember: We rise by lifting others.

Authority - The Influence Master Key By Chase Hughes

What you’ll get:

  • Detailed, actionable, life-changing skills in influence
  • The entire formula tailored to YOU to bring this superpower to bear in your life
  • Training you will never see anywhere else from the world-leading expert in the field
  • You’ve been looking for a change. You’ve now come across the most advanced course on the planet on influence and authority.

Regardless where you are in life, this course will absolutely deliver immeasurable skills that will leverage your behavior in ways you never imagined.

This is the tipping point you’ve been looking for.

After 23 years of research, Chase Hughes developed the most powerful system of influence on planet Earth.

In this course, Chase exposes how authority hacks the human mind and how to bring its power to bear on your daily interactions to create the outcomes you have always wanted in your life.

The definitive introduction to gaining, leveraging, and keeping the most powerful determining factor in influence.