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APP Swing Wall Non-Member by Charlie Burton
  • APP Swing Wall Non-Member by Charlie Burton

APP Swing Wall Non-Member by Charlie Burton

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APP Swing Wall Non-Member by Charlie Burton

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We now have our very own EzeeTrader APP Where Charlie can educate and show his live trades all at the touch of a button! It’s similar to a group messaging APP but with more specific functionality geared towards trading. Here’s how it works;

Charlie writes a message or takes a trade…
It flashes up as a notification on your phone..
You can watch and learn or even follow along via trading with your own broker…
You can ask questions plus chat with other members on the APP.

Charlie maintains a trading spreadsheet which gives all open trades he’s in, closed trades plus pending orders so you can see at a glance exactly what he’s doing. Below is a cut down screenshot of the spreadsheet plus some visuals of the APP….
APP Screenshots – Click on screenshot to enlarge

swing snapshot
Is this for you?

You don’t have time to sit at a screen all day, but wish to trade
You don’t want to miss that alert from the professional trader whilst away from  your desk
You want to have the alerts and be able to enter the trade at a touch of a  button
You just want the alerts to place with your own broker
You want to know why the trade is taken from Charlie himself
You want to learn more and gain confidence
You want to be a member of a positive group of swing traders

If you have answered yes to just one of these questions, then details of what to do next are below
Step 1 – Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for ‘Ezeetrader’
Step 2 – Download and register
Step 3 – Once registered, you’ll get an email with a link to confirm your email address – it’s important you click there!

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