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APA Elite Software v5.0 (Mar 2016)
  • APA Elite Software v5.0 (Mar 2016)

APA Elite Software v5.0 (Mar 2016)


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APA Elite Software v5.0 (Mar 2016)

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Trade With The Trend In The Right Direction

If you ask 5 different traders to tell you the direction of the trend on a chart, you will get 5 different answers.
The “trend” is subjective, making it difficult to be consistent. That’s why we made the APA Elite software, which defines the trend for you using multiple market criteria.
It is a true neural network, which simply means it has built in artificial intelligence that comprehends the market and changes its settings by itself.
This analysis of defining trend is updated at the close of each and every bar on your chart, and is no longer subjective…it is concrete.

Neural Network Smart Software

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 20+ year trading veteran beside you?
Our Neural Network gives you that experience. It allows a systematic and smart software to give you the important price action criteria that an old trading veteran would have.
This smart system gives you trend and pullback signals & entries in the direction of trend.
What is a Neural Network? In basic terms it is a self-optimized system of filters that learns more price action each day that it operates, gaining more and more experience with your particular market.
Every market is going to have different settings as we not only use this learning process of automation but also fractal confluence.

For a basic demonstration of the most simplistic neural network, here is short youtube video.
YouTube Video of Neural Network
While our system is 100 times more complex than the example given, the principles remain the same. Please be aware that this system requires a high spec computer to work properly. Complexity and being smart does have its price!

The Million Dollar Question Every Trader Asks… Where Is The “High” and “Low” ?

APA Zones makes seeing support and resistance (supply and demand) more simple with our proprietary zone system.

It features trend reversal and trend following zone creation and a bounce count system that changes color based on how many times price has interacted with it, letting you know the strength of the support/resistance level.

The true strength of APA Zones is the ability to automatically record market memory, and display it for you in real time. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to remember where price used to be.

Using basic zone theory, advanced price action and pattern recognition, we have developed a unique software tool that any trader can use to enhance his/her trading understanding and bottomline. You can actually see where wholesale areas are, and where retail areas are in the markets you watch.