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Andrew Johnston – Accelerated Marketing Program

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Andrew Johnston – Accelerated Marketing Program

Andrew Johnston – Accelerated Marketing Program

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Learn everything you need to AMP up your business!

What’s something that every business needs?

Leads, aka prospects or potential customers.

What next?

A way to turn those leads into “money in hand”, “ready to buy” customers.


What if you could do that all on autopilot?

Giving you more freedom to live the life you’ve always dreamed.

That’s EXACTLY what the Accelerated Marketing Program (AMP) will do for you.

We no longer have to trade our time for money. Home meetings, prospecting your friends and family or even sitting behind a computer and pitching people your business all day, is a thing of the past!

You’re about to learn how to get your business working for YOU, rather than you being a slave to your business.

AMP is made up of 10 modules & 40 lessons of pure value showing you how to attract & create customers, who are willing and ready to buy any product or opportunity you present them.

Are you ready to AMP up your life and your business?!


Don’t just take our word though, listen to what our students have to say too!