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Alex Harris – Aerial Video A to Z
  • Alex Harris – Aerial Video A to Z

Alex Harris – Aerial Video A to Z


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Alex Harris – Aerial Video A to Z


Your Complete Guide to Shooting, Editing, and Profiting from Epic Aerial Video

What is Aerial Video A to Z?

AVAZ is an online course that’s designed to be your final source to learn Drone Videography – filming, flying, and editing.

That’s why we created Aerial Video A to Z.

Your complete guide to shooting, editing, and profiting from epic aerial video (even if you’re just a beginner).

In Aerial Video A to Z you’ll learn…

  • What type of equipment (computers, software, drones) you do AND don’t need;
  • How to tweak the settings on your drone to capture the best looking picture (we cover all of the most popular DJI models and give you applicable advice, even if you have a different drone);
  • The basic of video: resolution, frame rate, the difference between .mp4 and .mov file formats and when is best to use each;
  • Pre-flight planning and how to avoid amateur mistakes;
  • Flying, filming, and cinematography – teaching you what to aim for and how to capture those super smooth drone shots;
  • How to CORRECTLY film slow motion footage;
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of the editing software, so you know EXACTLY what to do and where to go (so it’s not overwhelming);
  • Pro tricks for speeding up the editing process and workarounds for dealing with 4k footage (note: 4k footage traditionally takes a LONG time to work with since its so big…but we have a shortcut);
  • Advanced editing techniques like…
  • How to arrange your footage to be the most visually appealing and keep viewers engaged;
  • How to fix shots when something ugly is in the corner of your frame;
  • How to fix shaky footage so it’s still usable;
  • The right way to put in titles, logos, and other graphic items;
  • How to go from flat and bland footage to video that pops with the perfect color balance;
  • Salvaging footage that is too bright (overexposed) or too dark (underexposed);
  • Adding music – where to find it, how to line it up with your video for maximum impact; and
  • How to export your work so that its shareable but still maintains great quality.

AND, as an added bonus…

We included a COMPLETE job shadow walkthrough where Alex takes you along a live shoot so you can see his workflow from start to finish.

(Flying, filming, editing, color correcting, effects, exporting…the whole thing).

This way you can follow along and apply all of the steps you’ve learned throughout the course and practice them from start to finish.

What you’ll get when you sign up for Aerial Video A to Z (and what it’s worth)…

  • Lifetime access to 40 modules with over 3 hours of video instruction for gear, settings, flying, filming, editing, color correcting, adding effects, mixing audio, and exporting…along with printable text guides ($797 value)
  • 71 clips of 4k stock drone footage for you to work with throughout the course (note: 4k stock drone footage is selling for $100 or more per clip on the world’s most popular stock footage site, Pond5 – see screenshot below. So this is actually a $7,100 value)
  • Unlimited email support from Alex and our team (Value = Priceless…jk) I wasn’t going to try to put a number on this, but Alex bills his time out at $200 per hour. See screenshot below.