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7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation from Margaret Lynch

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7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation from Margaret Lynch

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Here are some snippets from what I learned so far:
  • Whenever it’s not safe or possible to express who you really are, you create a vow.
  • Every vow is a vow to NOT be the Self.
  • These vows block out your true life purpose.
  • They’re unconscious.
  • They’re your blind spot.
  • You believe these vows to be the undeniable truth of who you are and how the world is.
  • Your vows cause you to attract people, circumstances and situations that prove the vows are true.
Knowing all this explains a lot to me.
No wonder affirmations often don’t help
No wonder vision boards and visualizing don’t
usually make it happen.
No wonder tapping on money beliefs isn’t enough
to bring you more money.
Listen, I want more money.
But life is about way more than money.
And this program is about way more than money too.
EFT is a phenomenal tool for healing and growth.
But this course is much more than any EFT I’ve done before.
Even though Margaret doesn’t promise this, I think that when you clear those old limiting vows you’ve made at each chakra, you’ll…
  • be happier
  • feel more free
  • unleash your creativity
  • have more energy
  • be healthier
  • love more easily and more deeply
  • express yourself more clearly
  • feel the courage to be seen for who you are
  • and have more money in your purse, wallet and bank account
These are bold predictions.  But this is how powerful I expect this program to be.
With love,

Here’s my take on the 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation by Margaret Lynch, a new program, just launching July, 2011.The program aims to help you overcome your deep-seated money blocks – the ones you got from your family and other early conditioning.

If you’ve studied any wealth attraction systems at all, you are familiar with the need to overcome those limiting beliefs and doubts that keep you playing small, hiding from shining and earning way less than you dream of.

Check out Margaret Lynch’s program here.

What Makes Margaret Lynch’s Program Different?

Margaret’s program is no different from others in that it addresses the same money issues.  What makes the Seven Levels of Wealth Manifestation different?  Several things.

First, the name.

Doesn’t 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation make you curious?  What are those 7 levels?  I just want to know.

Second, the basis.

Lynch’s program is based on the wisdom of the Chakra system.

At each Chakra, so her instructions go, we make different vows relating to wealth.  For example, she teaches that at the first chakra, we vow to both be loyal to and rebel against our parents money paradigm.

It’s interesting looking at our relationship to money and wealth through the eyes of the chakra system.

I like the way it gives a framework for working through the money blocks.

And it helps me understand that we need to clear these blocks systematically – from the first chakra up.

Even if you don’t know or believe in the chakra system (I know very little myself), it can still be a helpful framework for changing limiting money vows into wealth-bringing vows.

Third, the methods.

Margaret Lynch is an expert in EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.

She is the author of the successful “Secret of Intentional Wealth” and has been featured in the Tapping World Summit, a hugely popular online event that attracted over 300,000 listeners in 2011.

So it’s no surprise that Margaret uses “tapping” to help us clear our limiting money vows.

It’s a method that looks exceedingly silly, but works exceedingly well!

Who Is Margaret Lynch?

Margaret’s specialty is getting to the core of what blocks our success – the limiting beliefs and old programming that hold us back in our careers, businesses and finances. She teaches clients how to tap into their inner brilliance to achieve higher levels of creativity and inspiration, and to find higher purpose in life.

Margaret has been a featured expert in the annual “Tapping World Summit” internet event attended by over 100,000 people.

She is currently highlighted on the “Tapping Insiders Club” subscription site as the business and money expert.

She is the owner of New England Success Coaching and serves as a consulting teacher for Meridian Based Therapies at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine.

Ready to learn more about Margaret Lynch?

What Comes in the Program?

The program comes in both an instant download format, plus hard copies of the workbook, audio cds and a dvd, which are shipped to you.

Amid a plethora of tempting bonuses, here is what you get in the core product package.

The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation training:

Absolute FREEDOM from your negative vows through tapping and the power of the chakras!

  • Spiral bound workbook co-written by Margaret Lynch & Rhys Thomas with all the teachings on the chakras, the negative vows, and the Tapping transcripts.
  • Ten audio CDs. Recordings of Margaret sharing the information on live calls. Hearing the emotion and breakthroughs of the audience deepens your experience. You also hear Rhys Thomas in his own voice teaching his unique wisdom of the chakras.
  • The DVD includes seven additional tapping routines for each of the chakras. The DVD also includes the four case study videos and chakra tapping exercises you’ve already seen.

Clear your negative and limiting vows:

  • Chakra 1~ the vow to be loyal to, or rebel against, your earliest money paradigm
  • Chakra 2~ the vow to limit your deepest desires
  • Chakra 3~ the vow to be invisible, appropriate, or who others want you to be
  • Chakra 4~ the vow to be critical and perfect
  • Chakra 5~ the vow speak the truth of your limitation, to give voice to all your other negative vows instead of your Heart Truth
  • Chakra 6~ the vow to manifest and embody limitation
  • Chakra 7~ the vow to experience the Divine as Limited
  • Downloadable version with pdfs, audio mp3s, and video mp4s of the entire course.
  • Workbook, 10 audio cds, DVD, and 100% downloadable version

Find out more here.

What I Like About the Program

I love that there are many tapping scripts in the program.  These will help everyone clear their various money blocks without having to think up their own tapping scripts.

I love Margaret Lynch’s extensive experience working with people all over the world with these issues.

Her vast experience working in this area will be a bonus to everyone who buys the program.

I like that the bulk of the program is audio, so I don’t have to spend time in front of my computer or tv – watching …I can listen while I drive or walk or clean the house.

I also like that the program is a combination of audio, video and text.  That appeals to my multiple modalities of learning.

And I look forward to the teleclasses that accompany the program.  Listening to those will really help to keep me on track doing the homework and motivate me to keep up with the group.